What you need to know when travelling and working in Australia

So you are planning to travel to Australia, or you have already arrived.

Here are a few tips on what you need to know, so you can enjoy working and travelling in Australia.


If you are 18 years old and wanting to work around Australia in hospitality venues and events, we do recommend that you attain your Responsible Serving of Alcohol (RSA). If you are in Melbourne or Sydney, contact Short Courses Australia. They provide a number of accredited courses that will help you gain employment. Make sure you tell them Troop Employment sent you

What is RSA? RSA is a certificate showing that you know the regulations concerning alcohol consumption in Australia. It is a compulsory requirement if you want to work in hospitality and is mandatory in all states. As the law surrounding the sale and service of alcohol vary from state to state, the RSA is not the same everywhere, therefore you cannot get an RSA certificate that is valid for all over Australia.

Sim cards

There is so much to know, so here is an article from Trip Advisor that can help you make your decision.


At Troop Employment, we want to support everyone who wants to work in hospitality across Australia.


So make sure, if you haven’t already, register with us and start communicating to businesses about what you are looking for.

Travelling around Australia

Australia offers you a variety of ways to get around. Some are quick and easy, some will take a long time, but will be low in cost to use and occasionally, you will take a plane, bus, train and boat all in one day.

To read more, Australia.com have put some helpful facts together.

Or if driving yourself is an option, check out Transfer Car and IMoova for another option

For driving and licence details in Australia head to australia.gov.au for information

Bank Accounts

In Australia, we have many banking options. Depending on what your needs are, to what you should look at.

Here are links to some banks, but make sure you read all the terms and conditions. Some accounts are offering you $$ back if you open an account, some will charge you fees if you use ATM’s from other banks and some don’t offer store front with an online only option.


Bendigo Bank

Commonwealth Bank,


Bank of Melbourne


Tax File number

When working in Australia, you must have a Tax file number. For further details check out Coming to Australia 

You will also require to have Superannuation. To make sure you are eligible, click here


The Australian sun is definitely harsh. I have travelled around the world and I have never felt the sun on my skin like I do in Australia. My skin can burn walking to my letter box #paleskin

So, I recommend to EVERYONE to always carry sunscreen, regardless of your skin type.

For more tips on Sun Protection, click here 


You may already have experience in the water, but when traveling to another country and you don’t know how to swim or cannot swim well, read some water safety tips here

Wages and your rights as a worker

It is way too often I meet with jobseekers who explain to me how they get paid, or don’t, the conditions they are put under, the ‘they don’t know their rights’ excuse or ‘you want to work, then do what I say’ attitude.

I do want to say that there are some great businesses that are out there that do the right thing. They pay you correctly, they do keep you at the minimum hours and they do pay superannuation and entitlements.

What I do recommend, is that you know your rights and you know that you can say no and that there are great businesses around that will be glad to employ you the right way.

If you are unsure of your rights, read more here

Or if you think you are not being paid correctly, use this Pay Calculator for guidance

unpaid work hospitality industry

Medicare Card

You never know when you may become unwell and will require medical treatment.

Click on the link of you are eligible to attain a Medicare Card. Even if you do fall under the eligibility criteria, we will still recommend that you have travel insurance.

Australian Animals

We have so many wonderful animas around Australia.

One misconception is that if you don’t get bitten by a spider or snake, you may be eaten by a crocodile.

Now, I have lived in Australia my whole life and over 50% of these animals in the link, I have to see in a Zoo or wildlife sanctuary. So, do be scared, be wary and know where you are traveling and what to do in situations, if they arise.

Australian Food

Who doesn’t want to eat Vegemite when they arrive in Australia? I must say, I do take it with me when I travel as I love to see people’s facial expressions and comment when they first taste Vegemite. We do have many varieties of food options. Here is a list, somewhat controversial (what country they originated from) in Australia

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