Tips for Dressing in Hospitality

You don’t have to spend money on high end labeled clothes. But presenting yourself well shows pride with what you bring to the role

Be professional.
Follow whatever rules you are given about what to wear to work. This is particularly the case if you are working the front of house at a particularly conservative restaurant or hotel, or if you are in a management position.

If the atmosphere is more casual, or if you are part of the back of house staff, such as a cook or housekeeper, you can dress in smart casual attire.

In hospitality, your job is to serve the customer. Keep your colours neutral—blacks, grays, browns, and dark blues are best.

Wear comfortable shoes.
Almost anyone in the hospitality industry will tell you this is a lesson you will learn quickly after being on your feet all day. Wear shoes that you can walk in for long periods of time. Try to find shoes with nonslip soles; you don’t want to slip while holding a plate of food!

Take care of your clothes.
Whatever you end up wearing to work, be sure it is washed, and ironed. Shoes should be clean. Be sure your look is clean and polished.

Develop good grooming habits.
If you work in the food industry, you want your hair out of your face—and away from the food. Put your hair up, cover it up, or wear it short.