Find  staff when you need it.

Troop gives you 24 hour access to view and book local staff directly

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Find Hospitality staff when you need it.

Troop gives you 24 hour access to view and book local staff directly

Unlimited access for as little as $60 a month

Fill the gaps

Have you ever run into staffing issues?
We all have. Whether staff are sick, on leave or you have a holiday rush.

You can now relax and sign up to Troop today and get 24hr access to local staff, to fill the gaps when you need to.
Relax and sign up today.

What locations does Troop operate in?

We are Regional Victoria’s ONLY online Employment Platform where you can access staff, when and where you need them.

What type of staff are on Troop?

Jobseekers offer you different levels of Experience, Qualifications and Availabilities. We have a list of the following jobseekers currently available:


  • Hospitality Services
  • Administration & Support
  • Arts
  • Trades & Services
  • Professional Services

How does Troop remove the time and money wasted on traditional recruitment processes?

Troop has a network of jobseekers who have set up their profiles.
Once businesses have made a profile, they can access the jobseekers profile and directly contact them, instantly filling the gaps.

A business can view jobseekers experience and history of employment, their qualifications and reviews left by current and past businesses.

Troop is replacing the time consuming and costly process of finding staff with a quick login and search functionality

How it works

Sign up for 24 hour access to staff
Filter job seekers to find staff that you need
Contact and employ the applicant directly
Relax and repeat whenever you need

Get instant staff in your pocket today

If you have any questions, please contact us at or call us on 0419885780