5 tips for interviews

Interviews, you either like them or hate them. Here are some tips for your next interview

Research the company.
Nothing worse than going into an interview when you have no idea who you are speaking to or what their business offers. It’s a real turn off.

What are your selling points
Tell the businesses how you can complement their business with your skills. But be careful how you word this. Some people go in telling the business what they are doing wrong or how you are better. Remember, compliment them and up sell them what you can bring to the role.

Ask questions/compliment them
People who run their own business like to speak about their business. So ask them questions, but don’t drill them. Remember they are not the ones being interviewed. Remember the research you did beforehand, compliment them about a post on social media or a charity they raised money for

Don’t Dob
Why do people ‘dob’ on their old workplaces or tell other businesses what their previous employment did wrong? This is not something that you should do, ever, and if you are currently speaking about other businesses, time to stop! This is not only bad for the reputation for the business, but you as well. You never know where you may cross paths

‘Thank you’ goes a long way
Interviews are a funny thing. You never know how you go until they tell you at the follow up. But always remember to say thank you. As a business owner, their time is very limited and the time spent conducting interviews is precious5